PSIONICS (Limited Edition)

Release Date – 2016/11/1
Format : 12″ Dubplates, Digital ( USB MS)
Label : Back To Chill

1. Grind
2. Vortex
3. Amazon
4. One Drop
5. Eraser
6. Disorder
7. Crooked Temple
8. Locomotive
9. Joust
10. Psionics

New Epoch

Release Date – 2012
Format : LP, CD, Digital

1. Man In The Maze
2. Departure
3. Cosmos
4. Air Breaker
5. Walking Together
6. Strangers
7. Babylon Fall
8. Anti Grid
9. Seeker
10. Mirage
11. New Epoch

Mad Raver’s Dance Floor

Release Date – 2005
Format : CD
Label : Pop Group

1. Paranoia
2. Back To Chill
3. Smokin’ Water
4. Electrical Deadly Parade
5. Crunky Heads
6. Space Walk
7. Freaky Bouncer
8. Acid Steps
9. Posing Breaks
10. Loop Of The Trip

The Inverted Perspective

Release Date – 21 Jan 2005
Format : CD
Label : Body Electric Records

1. Gate Of The Deformation Temple
2. Slow Motion
3. Head Of Storm
4. Broken Air
5. Silence In The Rusted Machine
6. Morphogenesis
7. Stone Children
8. Metal Swamp
9. Outside Of The Crowd


Release Date – 2013
Format : CD
Label : Body Electric Records

1. Light A Signal Fire
2. Weapons Of Society
3. Oneself
4. Artificial Disaster
5. Shout A Battle Cry
6. Mind Construction I [ Improvisation Live ]
7. II
8. III
9. IV


Boris x GOTH-TRAD DEADSONG Fangs Anal Satan 2015
GOTH-TRAD Sinker / Sunbeam VIP Deep Medi Musik 2015
GOTH-TRAD Presents MUGEN Compilation Meteor / Smasher BACK TO CHILL 2014
GOTH-TRAD Born To Know b/w Behind The Glass Deep Medi Musik 2013
GOTH-TRAD Aribreaker b/w Cosmos Deep Medi Musik 2012
GOTH-TRAD Two Faced b/w Sunbeam Deep Medi Musik 2010
GOTH-TRAD Law / The Clown Deep Medi Musik 2008
GOTH-TRAD Dark Path b/w S.A.T.U.R.N Deep Medi Musik 2009
GOTH-TRAD / Silkie Genesis b/w Dam4 by Sillie Soul Jazz Records 2008
GOTH-TRAD Far East Assassin b/w DJ Distance Remix Skud Records 2007
GOTH-TRAD Cut End b/w Flags Deep Medi Musik 2007
GOTH-TRAD Back To Chill EP Skud Records 2007
Cycheouts Ghost* / GOTH-TRAD Friendly Sessions vol 1 Popgroup Recordings 2006
Paranoia Paranoia b/w Acid Steps Popgroup Recordings 2006
GOTH-TRAD Mad Raver’s Dance Floor (Album) Pop Group 2005
GOTH-TRAD The Inverted Perspective (Album) Body Electric Records 2005
GOTH-TRAD GOTH-TRAD I (Album) Body Electric Records 2003

Featurings, Compilations, Production & Remixes

The Pop Group Zipper Face (Goth-Trad Remix) Freaks R Us 2016
ENDON Just Like Everybody (GOTH-TRAD Remix) b/w Merzbow Remix Daymare Recordings 2015
The RAah Project Kill Me In The Summer (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Black Marigolds Recordings 2015
DRY & HEAVY In TIme / Mix&Dub Mix Positive Production 2015
The Mornings idea pattern / Mix&Engineering Hariental 2014
LEA LEA Black Or White (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Wah W ah 45s 2013
Danny Scrilla Fallout (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Civil Music 2013
ENTER SHIKARI Arguing With Thermometers (GOTH-TRAD Remix) PIAS Entertainment 2012
Dexpistols Midnight Seven Stars (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Tearbridge Records 2012
Tectonic Plate Vol.3 Mach Tectonic 2012
FABRICLIVE 61 Mach Fabric 2012
THIS IS DUBSTEP 2012 Babylon Fall feat. Max Romeo AEI MUSIC 2012
SUBMOTION ORCHESTRA Suffer Not (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Exceptional Records 2011
Pampidoo Synthesizer Voice (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Greensleeves Dubstep 2011
DEEP MEDi Releases vol.3 Dark Path, S.A.T.U.R.N DEEP MEDi MUSIK 2011
The Heavymanners Survival / Mix&Dub Mix P-VINE 2011
THE SOUND OF DUBSTEP 2 Sandsnake (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Ministry Of Sound 2010
Foreign Beggars No Holds Barred (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Dented 2010
Ratville Screaming Butterfly (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Publicriddim 2010
DEEP MEDi Releases vol.2 Law, Clown DEEP MEDi MUSIK 2010
DEEP MEDi Releases vol.1 Cut End, Flags DEEP MEDi MUSIK 2010
Distance Trafiic (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Planet Mu 2009
Skream&Cluekid Sandsnake (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Disfigured Dubz 2009
Murder Channel Compilation Betrayal Murder Channel 2009
Steppas' Delight Genesis Soul Jazz Records 2008
Skream – Watch The Ride Method (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Harmless 2008
Wrench Recover (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Cutting Edge 2008
DJ Baku KANNIBALISM (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Pop Group 2008
DJ Baku Dharma (GOTH-TRAD Mad Rave Remix) Pop Group 2008
Ove-Naxx Ending (GOTH-TRAD Remix) De-Flagment 2008
The Heavymanners The Heavymanners / Mix&Dub Mix Victor Entertainment Japan 2008
Black Ganion Method (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Pop Group 2007
Rumi Hell Me Why!? Pop Group 2007
Blue Foundation Sweep (GOTH-TRAD Remix) Pop Group 2006
Miyuki Nakajima Remixes – Genkidesuka with Kyoko Koizumi Yamaha Music Communications 2006
DJ Baku Kaikoo Pop Group 2005
Class Plan-B Mechanical Animal Felicity Cap 53 2005
Kokekompi Psychokinesis Kokeko 2004
V.A GALACTiKA 03 2003
Minima Go There! Remix Body Electric Records 2002
Si-Con II Loop Hole Shiburai 2001
Baku, Goth-Trad, Saidrum, Bleeder Dj Baku vs GOTH-TRAD, Saidrum, Bleeder DNA KALAKTA 2000


REBEL FAMILIA Musical Terrorist with Ari Up Positive Production 2007
REBEL FAMILIA Guns of Riddim (Album) Positive Productions 2007
REBEL FAMILIA Babylon Fall – Quality Cutz – feat. Max Romeo & Ragga Twins Positive Productions 2006
REBEL FAMILIA Babylon Fall feat. Max Romeo Positive Production 2006
Fine Time : A tribute New Wave Clash remix Universal 2005
REBEL FAMILIA REBEL FAMILIA presents Solidarity (Album) Positive Productions 2004
REBEL FAMILIA REBEL FAMILIA (Album) Positive Productions 2003
REBEL FAMILIA Stand Alone b/w Gladiator Positive Productions 2002